Iceman is our striking white male with stunning blue eyes. He is full of life and mischief, but very loving also. He's the great, great grandson of the dog who played "Truman" in Walt Disney's Eight Below.

Kade is our newest male to Lone Star Huskies. He is a beautiful bi-eyed gray and white husky. We are looking forward to seeing the outcome of his first litter.

Storm is the newest member of our pack. He is a grandson of Arctic Iceman and will be keeping his lineage alive after Iceman retires. He is very playful and looks exactly like his granddad did as a puppy!

Chief, our handsome red and white with stunning blue eyes that can pierce right through you. We fell in love with him the minute we met. He has both good looks and temperament. Chief has produced puppies that are both beautiful and fun loving with striking masks, just like their sire. He retired to live with one of his sons, Ranger, and his extended family, the Woffords, in Nacogdoches.