Harley is a beautiful Black and White with bright blue eyes. She had her first litter in August of 2012. They were all Black and White just like their mother. All of her litters since have been predominantly black and white.

Nala is a beautiful saddleback gray and white with icy blue eyes. She typically has very diverse litters as well.

Grayling is a beautiful gray, black, and white with stunning blue eyes.  She came to Texas from the Ozark Mountains in 2015.  She had several litters while at Big Elm Huskies in Troy, Texas.  We acquired her in February, 2018, and are looking forward to the litters whe will have with our different males.  They should have beautiful puppies!

Sassy comes from a championship bloodline and had her first litter in August of 2017. She is a woolly gray and white with black points. She is very protective of her puppies. She had a diverse litter and we hope that will continue.

Rogue is a puppy of Iceman and Bonnie. She rejoined the pack in the summer of 2017. We look forward to seeing what type of puppies she will produce with our new sire, Kade.

Chloe now lives in Killeen, TX with her new family and Kodi, a puppy from one of Harley's litters.

Noel retired to live with Kenny and Michelle Hoffman in Georgia.

Bonnie passed away after a tragic accident. We are very sad about losing her. She was a wonderful part of our pack.